Volunteer at the Zoo, Make a Difference 

The mission of the Alaska Zoo is to connect people with animals. We do this by offering education programs to the community. We rely on volunteers to fulfill this mission.

Why should you volunteer?

  • It is a personally rewarding experience!
  • Volunteers make programs and events possible.
  • Opportunities are varied with both visitors and animals.
  • Educate the public while expanding your own knowledge.

Basic requirements:

  • Volunteer opportunities are available for ages 15 and older only, no exceptions.
  • New volunteers are required to give 15 hours in the petting zoon and 20 hours total in the first two months of volunteering, prior to permanent admission into the volunteer program.
  • There are 4 areas in the volunteer program: Education, animal husbandry, facilities/office, events/service.
  • Once 20 hours are completed, you will receive a shirt and name tag.
  • The program is very flexible to your schedule. Volunteer when you can using our volunteer sign up calendar.
  • Attend at least 4 volunteer meetings a year.

How to get started:

  • Complete our Volunteer Application (PDF) and submit to hdoncaster@alaskazoo.org.
  • If your application passes the initial review, you will be contacted via email to attend a new volunteer orientation.
  • Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee admittance into the volunteer program. If your application passes the initial review, you will be contacted via email to attend a new volunteer orientation.
  • New volunteer orientations are held during spring and summer months (between February and September) on the last Saturday of each month.
  • Opportunities include camp assistant, storyteller for programs, tour guide, hands-on program leader for events, petting zoo attendant, exhibit cleaning, special event booths, cotton candy spinning for events, monthly animal husbandry work.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Heather Doncaster, hdoncaster@alaskazoo.org, (907) 952-6966 (cell)