Visitor Conduct

Visitor Conduct

The following are rules for visitor conduct at the zoo. We reserve the right to ask any individual or group to leave if they are found in violation of these policies. We encourage all visitors to enjoy the zoo in a safe and respectful manner.

The following are prohibited (not allowed) on zoo grounds:

  • Smoking (this includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes)
  • Pets (assistance dogs are permitted for guests with physical challenges)
  • Firearms
  • Balloons (choking hazard for the animals)


We ask that all visitors (of all ages) follow these rules of etiquette while on zoo grounds. Please remind those around you that the zoo is a home for our animals and they deserve our respect as visitors to their home:


  • Our pathways and trails are not paved, so they may be uneven in places. Running poses a safety risk for falls and injuries. It is also a risk for staff who use trails when handling, walking or transporting animals. We ask that all visitors walk at a safe pace on our trails.


  • We provide animal diets which are healthy and nutritionally balanced. Human food, plants picked along trails, and other items outside of their prepared diet can be unhealthy and may lead to unexpected injury, illness or death. Visitors should never feed the animals, both for their own safety and for that of the animal.


  • Trail and habitat fences are in place for the protection of both visitors and animals. No person of any age for any reason (except zoo staff) should lean, climb or reach across zoo fences. Wooden trail fences are designed to keep visitors in safe trail areas, however they are not built to withstand leaning or sitting and may break unexpectedly. We ask that visitors use benches for seating, not the trail fences. Photography must be conducted from designated visitor areas, safely behind trail fences. 


  • The zoo is home to orphaned and injured wild animals. We provide these animals with a home while teaching visitors about them. We ask that all visitors remember that the zoo is the animal's home and we are visitors there. No visitor of any age should treat the animals in a disrespectful manner by yelling at them or throwing objects. In addition to adult visitors refraining from these activities, we ask that they correct children and take the opportunity to explain why certain behaviors might have a negative impact on animals (yelling causes stress in an animal with sensitive hearing, throwing rocks causes stress in an animal that cannot move away). Please show the animals the respect they deserve and help us teach this conduct to the next generation of animal caregivers.


  • We ask that visitors of all ages treat our signs, kiosks, visitor areas of exhibits and other facilities with respect. The zoo spends a healthy budget on facilities each year and we continue to try to upgrade visitor experiences and accomodations. When items are vandalized or broken, it draws funds away from upgrades for everyone. If you see a person vandalizing or damaging zoo facilities, please let a zoo staff member know immediately (customer service areas always have staff during open hours).

Thank you for your attention and we hope you enjoy your visit to the Alaska Zoo!