Little Campbell Creek Restoration

Little Campell Creek Restoration at the Zoo

The Alaska Zoo is very pleased with the fish passage improvements to the creek. It was a great cooperative project and a pleasure to work with all the people involved. This endeavor has been “in the works" since around 2008. Visitors can look forward to the addition of interpretive graphics and signage about the project in the near future. Many people were involved over the years. Some have left positions they were in while working on it. I hope they come out to see the fruits of their labor. ~ Patrick Lampi, Executive Zoo Director

View a gallery of images by John Gomes showing the final stages of this project and the completed area.

South Fork of Little Campbell Creek

Many visitors are familiar with the creek that runs through the back of the zoo. This is the south fork of Little Campbell Creek which runs down the Anchorage hillside. Little Campbell Creek and its drainages make up an urban watershed in the Municipality. Ten federal, local and state agencies along with nonprofits joined Municipal Watershed Management Services to develop a plan with priority to increase fish passage.
The creek runs by the old elephant house. Several structures that stop fish passage are being removed, the two ponds will be replaced by three smaller ponds, the stream will take a curved path and an elevation drop will be in place. The natural stream bed will be restored by placing boulders, tree roots and stumps for fish habitat. All of this work is taking place downstream of the small bridge by the swan area. The creek quality in the zoo is good upstream from the bridge due to the protected nature of the area on grounds. At the end, a trail will extend to the middle of the restoration area and signs will educate visitors about this important watershed in our ecosystem.
We will post updates to this page as we have them. If you have questions about this project, contact Executive Director Pat Lampi at