Distance Learning

Distance Learning at the Zoo

Distance Learning brings the only zoo in Alaska right to you! Our education team guides participants of all ages on a VIRTUAL zoo field trip to explore topics for every educator’s needs. Each videoconferencing program includes a visit at a zoo habitat and a virtual encounter with one of our wild and amazing animal ambassadors.

Distance Learning Options

Arctic Discoveries

Click here to view our October special "Howl-O-Ween" distance learning programs (PDF)

  • General Description: Arctic Discoveries programs are for non-formal education experiences, e.g., libraries, before and after school programs, etc.
  • Let us bring the Alaska Zoo to you with our fun and interactive Arctic Adventures!
  • These 30-45 minute programs will immerse you into the lives of Arctic, subarctic and like-climate species at the Alaska Zoo!
  • Through these educational distance learning experiences your group will get up-close encounters with zoo animals and personalized time with experienced staff members.
  • Discover how we care for our animals, what and how much they eat, how animals communicate, and much more! Don’t miss out on an Arctic adventure, book your EdZoocational Arctic Discoveries program today!

Teachers and Students: We are standardizing our programs to mesh with your curriculum needs!

Technical/Equipment Requirements: Our live and interactive videoconferencing requires a videoconferencing system and IP connection. Connectivity questions? Call us!

Contact: Distance Learning Coordinator at (907) 341-6462 or dlearning@alaskazoo.org for more information or to schedule your Distance Learning program.