Alaska Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)

Upcoming event on September 9th: The Zookeeper Games at the Alaska Zoo! A fall carnival from noon to 4pm with proceeds supporting our local AAZK chapter. Download our flyer (PDF).

Stay tuned for this annual AAZK event in the spring of 2018!

Chapter History

Welcome to the Midnight Sun Chapter of American Association of Zoo Keepers.  Midnight Sun AAZK was established in 2010 and is made up of zookeepers, Zoo staff, docents and volunteers dedicated to professional animal care and conservation. Although not officially part of the Alaska Zoo, the Midnight Sun AAZK activities and efforts are fully endorsed by the Zoo.

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The AAZK Mission

The mission of The American Association of Zoo Keepers is to advance excellence in the animal keeping profession, foster effective communication beneficial to animal care, support deserving conservation projects, and promote the preservation of our natural resources and animal life.

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Conservation Donations

  • Alaska Zoo - Polar Bear Transition/Maternity Den
  • Musk Ox Farm
  • Bird Treatment and Learning Center
  • Alaska Wild Bird Rehabilitation
  • Alaska SeaLife Center
  • International Snow Leopard Trust 
  • Polar Bears International 
  • Minnesota Zoo Tiger Conservation project
  • Trumpeter Swan Society
  • Animals Asia 

Contact Shannon Jensen for information on joining the Midnight Sun AAZK Chapter and their efforts to raise funds for conservation projects.          

Midnight Sun AAZK Chapter Tax ID# 27-2461398